Paid for and Authorized by Matthew Kelly for Virginia


 - At a Glance - 

Pro-Life. Pro-Family. Pro-2nd Amendment. Pro-Capitalism. Anti-Corporatism. Limited Government.

The overarching principle that will guide me as your State Senator is that until you harm the life or property of another, you should be free to make your own choices. Below are a few specific examples that I would like to focus on.

Butcher Hanging Beef


I believe local farmers and cooks should be allowed to sell their craft with minimal interference. I would introduce legislation similar to other states' "Cottage Food Laws" and others giving you the freedom to eat what you choose. Purchasing food should be an agreement between consenting adults as much as possible except in the case of damages or deceit.

Under current state law a farmer can be jailed for selling a hand-raised steak or a pound of burger unless the animal was processed at an approved facility. From Chase City, VA the nearest facility is 3 hours away and 2-3 times as expensive as local butchers.

A farmer raising a milk cow can be jailed for sharing a glass of that milk.
Someone wanting to sell homemade foods can be jailed if they do not use an approved kitchen, which can often cost thousands of dollars to build.

Current regulation has criminalized the freedom of choosing your food. I'd like to change that.


I believe parents should be able to choose how their children are educated. I would work to reduce restrictions on parents choosing to homeschool, as well as provide a tax relief for those outside the public school system. I believe if we hold parents legally responsible for their children we should give them the freedom to choose how they are schooled.


Virginia spends over $11,000 per child per year in our public school system, primarily from taxpayers. Homeschooling is estimated to cost less than $1000 per child per year, covered by the parent. Parents taking financial responsibility for their childrens' education reduces the burden on the public education system. I believe Virginia should remove any legal obstacles to that decision, and help by offering a financial relief.

School Bus & Children


Considering Federal estimates of defensive gun use 10x the national homicide rate and a civilian's faster response than law enforcement's 4-minute average arrival time it's clear that armed citizens save lives.


I believe the right to keep and bear arms is outlined in the Law of the Land and should be protected by those who swear to protect it. I believe that politicians protected by guns have no right to demand Virginians surrender their own, I will support a Constitutional Carry law, as well as any legislation legalizing your freedom to defend yourself and your family.


In 2015 Citizen's for Self Governance began the Convention of States Project to "impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress." Thirty-four states are required to call a Convention, twelve state legislatures have done so.

As Virginia State Senator I will support the Convention of States Project, looking to Legalize Freedom both at the State and Federal levels.